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Restore+ helps rid your body of senescent cells, which are also known as Zombie cells. These Zombie cells are live cells, that have been so damaged by toxic build up in our bodies, that they have lost their primary function. An accumulation of these cells causes a cascade of inflammation, as well as further loss of function to surrounding cells. Jogging in polluted cities, having a cocktail with your friends, or simply burning the candle on both ends at work and home, all have a negative impact to the health of your cells. Restore+ can help remove these Zombie cells through a biological response known as apoptosis.

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Although aging is an inevitable process, there are ways in which we can help slow down the aging process and promote health as we grow older.


  • A natural antioxidant that combats free radical damage (free radical damage contributes to many chronic health problems, such as cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Naturally found in Apples, Grapes, Berries, and Onions


  • Promotes longevity by activating certain genes called Sirtuins
    Sirtuins eliminate senescent cells (aka Zombie Cells)
  • These senescent cells (Zombie Cells) are cells that have lost their original cellular function, however, are still technically alive
  • The accumulation of Senescent Cells causes an inflammatory response in the body
  • Naturally found in Grapes, Berries, Peanuts, and Red Wine


  • Like Resveratrol, Fisetin is a very strong Sirtuin Activator
  • Reduces abnormal cellular activity
  • Naturally found in Strawberries, Apples, Grapes, Onions, and Cucumbers


  • Has shown to be an extremely strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic
  • Has a stronger pharmacological effect than Resveratrol, due to an enhanced membrane permeability, bioavailability, and biological potency (meaning the body absorbs it easier into the cells for immediate use)
  • Naturally found in Almonds, Blueberries, and Grape Leaves


  • Very potent anti-inflammatory (being researched for its effects on the improved function of the cardiovascular system and reducing the likelihood of certain cancers)
  • May slow down aging, by activating certain proteins and protecting against cellular damage
  • Naturally found in Turmeric Root

A gateway to your vitality

As a doctor-formulated company, we have access to the highest quality ingredients to provide you with effective supplements. The aim of our supplement is to help deliver high levels of antioxidants effectively reducing the oxidative stress caused by daily living. This is coupled with highly bioavailable and natural anti-inflammatories. Together, this formula assists in cellular repair, cellular regeneration and an overall improvement in anti-aging.

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