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NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD+ IV Therapy

What is NAD+?

NAD+, BioCure’s Cerebral Anti-Aging and Cellular Repair cocktail. NAD+ has been well researched and shown to protect and repair the brain, regenerate our DNA, rebuild our mitochondria, can reduce brain inflammation, and is an extremely powerful antioxidant.

How it works:

NAD+, is a co-enzyme of Niacin ‘Vitamin B3’. This is a naturally occurring compound when Vitamin B3 is broken down in the body. Unfortunately, we use it faster than we make it. Supplementing with NAD+ supercharges the mitochondria in every cell of our body, by reacting with oxygen inside our cells to create cellular energy. NAD+ clinical studies have shown great promise in metabolizing toxins, and helping us handle environmental stresses which cause our bodies to age and degenerate faster.

How we age:
  • As we live life, our brain chemistry, and metabolism changes.
  • Mitochondrial energy levels decline
  • Attention, memory, and mental agility decline
  • Cerebral blood flow declines
  • All of these changes can happen at any age, and are a product of the food we eat, what we drink, lifestyle habits, the air we breathe, and more.


Science & Evidence-Based Medicine:

The Anti-Aging process is supported by NAD+ ability to activate sirtuins, which play a huge role in the health of our DNA.  As our bodies naturally repair and regenerate, the sirtuins play a key role in replication of our DNA.  As we age, those DNA strands have replicated millions of times.  Due to overuse, the sirtuins begin to fail and can cause dysfunctional replication leading to inflammation and all of the health conditions which inflammation can cause.

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