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What is Methylene Blue ?

What is Methylene Blue ?

Methylene Blue, the Cognitive and Mitochondrial enhancer.  With years of research, Methylene Blue has shown promise to delay cellular aging and to enhance key mitochondrial biochemical pathways.  At BioCure, we have effectively used it as a Nootropic…improving brain function and memory retention.

How it works:
  • Your brain’s neurons rely almost entirely on mitochondrial derived energy. Failure of mitochondrial function can affect the rest of your body, but it’s particularly detrimental to your brain. This is where Methylene Blue steps in as one of the most important anti-aging and neurological disease preventing biological agents.  By quickly crossing the blood brain barrier, it improves mitochondrial efficiency and respiration, acts as an antioxidant, and increases brain cell life span, resulting in improved memory and mood.


  • Methylene blue improves memory by increasing brain cell respiration, or how the brain cell utilizes oxygen. It increases ATP (energy) production to provide more cellular energy for better overall brain function including cognition, mood, and memory.


A History Lesson:

In 1891, German physician and noble prize recipient Paul Ehrlich pioneered the use of methylene blue in the treatment of malaria. Ehrlich discovered that Methylene Blue would quickly concentrate in the brain and selectively target diseased tissue in the body.


How we age:
  • As we live life, our brain chemistry, and metabolism changes.
  • Mitochondrial energy levels decline
  • Attention, memory, and mental agility decline
  • Cerebral blood flow declines
  • All of these changes can happen at any age, and are a product of the food we eat, what we drink, lifestyle habits, the air we breathe, and more.


Science & Evidence-Based Medicine:

At low doses, Methylene Blue has been shown to protect the brain from disease by acting as an electron-donor to the mitochondria which increases ATP production. ATP is the currency of life and the energy that powers humans. If our production of ATP declines, physical and mental performance declines. Even healthy individuals can benefit from a boost in ATP production. Methylene blue is also able to increase the amount of NAD+ produced by the mitochondria.


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